Cala Violina


Cala Violina takes its name from a detail that makes it unique: little grains of quartz that play a melody at every step. Sound beaches are an ancient phenomenon, already related by Marco Polo. There are just a hundred similar places in the world, and Cala Violina is one of them.

Cala Violina, in the Mediterranean scrub of the Scarlino nature reserve, is a strip of beach facing an uncontaminated sea, enclosed between two promontories. Cala Violina can be reached only on foot or by bike.


The beach of Cala Violina is a natural heritage of a really high value: for an unforgettable experience and in total safety 700 people can access the beach in a day. To book your place in Cala Violina, follow all the instructions that you find on this website: a contribution of 1 euro is required for the booking fee. Children under 12 must have a reservation, their ticket is free. Free ticket and no reservation required for children aged 0 to 12 months.

For organizational reasons, please note that:


Cala Martina and Cala Civette remain free to access and can be reached on foot or by bike through the paths of the Costiere area.


Once in Cala Violina you will find the stewards to welcome you who will give you all the necessary information: remember to respect the distances set by the anti-contagion rules, the rules for the beach and, above all, the nature that surrounds you!

Remember also to bring a container with you to collect your rubbish because in the Costiere area you will not find bins that have been eliminated so as not to let the wild boar friends banquet at night!

No lifeguard in the area.

Help us to protect Cala Violina!

In Cala Violina from 1st June to 15th September

  • from 8 to 18 700 people can access in a day
  • to access the beach it is necessary to book a place – the booking fee is 1 euro
  • children under 12 must have a reservation, their ticket is free. Free ticket and no reservation required for children aged 0 to 12 months

Council deliberation No. 48 of 5th May 2021

In Cala Violina from 1st June to 30th September it is forbidden

  • entrance to dogs with the exception of guide and rescue dogs

In Cala Violina it is always forbidden

  • entrance to horses

In the whole Costiere area it is forbidden

  • to leave rubbish
  • to throw away cigarette butts and other smoking products

Ordinance of the Municipality of Scarlino no 23 of 17th March 2021

For your safety, remember to respect the anti-contagion rules

  • it is mandatory to respect the interpersonal distance of at least one meter
  • it is mandatory to wear a mask if it is not possible to respect the interpersonal safety distance
  • the group play-sporting activities that could create crowds are prohibited
  • it is mandatory to place the beach umbrellas at least 4 meters away from each other and the beach equipment (towels, chairs and so on) at least one and a half meters away from those of other non-cohabiting bathers

Prime Minister Decree 17th May 2020


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  • it will not be necessary to print the tickets, you can show them directly from your phone
  • if the payment is not successful you will receive an e-mail message with the notification and the reservation will be canceled and eventually you will have to proceed to insert a new reservation


  • use the car parking that is closest to the beach, located in Val Martina with access from the “S.P. 158 delle Collacchie”, at kilometer 10. To access the parking the reservation is required: the daily rate (regardless of the arrival time) is 10 euros. To reach Cala Violina from the parking you have to travel about 1.8 kilometers
  • use the parking in viale Garibaldi “al Puntone” (tourist port). Parking is subject to charges the cost of the rate is for vehicles: 0.50 euros per hour (residents: 0.30 euros per hour). Season ticket: 30 euros per week. Prepaid card for residents: 13.50 euros (valid for 10 stops without time limits). To reach Cala Violina you must follow the directions: to the Cala you have to travel about 6 kilometers
  • use the parking on the road “strada vicinale di Pian d’Alma-Torre Civette” with access from the “S.P. 158 delle Collacchie”: the hourly rate is 0.50 euros per hour. Reservation is not required. To reach Cala Violina you have to travel about 3 kilometers

You can reach Cala Violina also by bike: access to the Costiere area in this case is free and you only need to book admission to the beach.


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